Wednesday 21 July 2010

Back to School

It was back to school for me yesterday and it was fun! I was the special guest (that's me in the grey top) at the All Hallows' School in Brisbane for Morning Tea as mentioned in my previous post. The other special guest was fellow designer KT Doyle who I blogged about here.


You may be asking why I was invited? Well, let me tell you. A few weeks ago, the Year 11/12 Visual Art Studies class along with their lovely teacher Christine Gauci and teacher aide Maun visited the Thea & Sami studio and were given a quick lesson in textile & product design. They were eager to show me the screen-printing projects that transpired and I was excited to see them!

The girls created their own film positives, screens and hand-printed all their own work. I managed to snap only a few photos of the amazing work at yesterday's Show and Tell but you will agree that these girls are super-talented. Watch out designers because there is some serious competition coming soon!

The standard of the finished projects was very professional with special consideration given to the end product and presentation. I love this hand-printed stationery boxed set by Lara Anderson.

What details! Do you like the pink pom-pom trim in Cassy Carlino's Eiffel Towel printed bean bag?

Georgie Walvin and her chic shopping bag.

The bird tails were all hand-beaded. No short-cuts here.

Courtney Moore designed, printed AND made dresses from her deer print.

The girls experimented with a variety of specialty inks including metallics and the fluroscent ink used on this t-shirt. Alex Thompson's little cousin was so happy with the t-shirts that Alex printed for her that she wore all three at once. Cute!

Thank you so much you lovely girls for a fun morning and well done!


madeleine brown said...

Ooh, morning tea in the All Hallows' art dept is always a treat... especially if it features anything baked by Ms Gauci!! That looks like such a fun workshop, lucky girls!

Anna Bartlett said...

What a buzz - going back to your old school! Congrats and well done for a great workshop!

Thea said...

Hi Anna, it wasn't my old school although they did mention you, Madeleine, as a former student and were excited when you had visited. x

Sandrine said...

I am sure these girls will remember you Thea for ever... and some will probably thanks you for inspiring and kick starting their creative life! :)
PS: Yes I see, exciting to see people wearing my little things :)xx

Suz said...

Such great work they've done. I'm sure your inspiration and skills helped.

Lillabilly said...

How exciting to see such a high standard of work from school students. It would be so lovely if every school's visual arts programs were as in depth and offered such interesting experiences as being able to visit a real studio such as yours! Good job allowing students the opportunity.

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