Monday, 20 September 2010

September Printers

There's a lot of creativity happening around these parts as you can see from the following images taken from Saturday's Intro to Screen-Printing workshop.

Blue and green balloons are perfect for a little boy's room printed by creative mum, Kylie Waye.

Here's Kylie being neighbourly and blow drying a classmate's print.

Pretty flowers in an overlapping 2-colour print by Larissa Cowling for her little girl.

Great curves on these purple pelicans also by Larissa.

Here's Larissa.

You've all seen skulls and cross bones before but not as adorable as these, I bet. Screen-printed by Lainie Browitt.

Here's Lainie.

Nicole Doolan designed and printed a linen tea-towel.

Architect Kirsten Burrowes didn't mind getting her hands dirty.

Kirsten's designer circles.

The big guns were hard at work.

Now the bad news; I'm afraid that all screen-printing classes are now fully booked until the end of November. With my current workload, I don't want to promise to teach any more at this stage but will let you know if and when a new class is scheduled.

If you missed out, you may still want to come along to our Open Studio and see how we screen-print our fabrics. Expect lots of fabrics, homewares and fabric packs on sale.


Hot Fudge said...

What a fun-filled time seems to have been had by all. I love what was produced in this creative class.

Kylie C said...

I should really think of some desighns to print next month, shouldn't I?! said...

Thats great Thea, glad to hear they are booked out. Good for you.

Larissa Cowling said...

Thanks for an awesome time on Saturday. I had a ball. It would be a shame for the craft community to loose such an incredible source of knowledge that you offer in your workshop but with a schedule like yours we have been lucky that you have been able to share your knowledge in these workshops.

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