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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Horses are like dogs!


I have been working so hard lately between making samples for our new collection and also finishing production of our Iron Lace Collection; due to hit the stores early September. To avoid total burn-out, I have been making sure that I take Sundays off. Well, more or less off as I have been using the time to take photos for our new Look Book (fashion catalogue for Buyers).

My husband and I went horse riding a couple of weekends ago at the Welcome Riding School in the beautiful Samford Valley and then I stopped outside a paddock.  Imagine my surprise when this horse started running towards me as I really wanted to take a distant shot of a horse against the glorious Australian country scenery.  I don't have much experience with horses so I had to laugh because he wouldn't move until I patted him.  He so reminded me of my dog who won't leave visitors alone until they acknowledge her very important presence.  I then realised that horses are like giant puppy dogs.

We took some wonderful images of our new Autumn/Winter collection last Thursday so some of these country shots will be serving as backgrounds. Stay tuned to see upcoming previews of our ECO Town and Country Collection. All hand-printed with our sustainable and organic fabrics.

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