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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Organic Lavender Products

In fitting with the whole environmental and organic philosophy, I wanted to come up with products which enabled us to use up the remnants of printed organic fabrics we had left after cutting our garments to avoid wastage.

Thea & Sami now have these beautiful lavender filled products available on-line such as the eye pillow and the trio of lavender sachets tied with hemp twine.  They are filled with pure dried lavender, sourced from an Australian farm in Victoria that adopts organic farming methods.  Lavender is a hardy plant that is naturally drought-resistant and grows without chemical pesticides or herbicides. Harvesting is done by traditional hand methods. I only wish that you could smell how good these are! They are very destressing.

I have also researched biodegradable packaging which is not the same as degradable packaging. Some plastics can be degradable but release chemicals as they breakdown into the soil. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that cellophane is not plastic but celloluse, made from trees that are farmed and are sustainably harvested for this purpose. Cellophane is 100% biodegradable and can be safely used in your compost heap so I have chosen it as packaging our lavender products.

I will be listing a surprise soon so please start leaving your comments as I will be giving away one of our new products on December 10th.  Anyone who leaves a comment will be going into the draw.

Keep checking this blog for more information on the giveaway.

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MsJean said...

These are totally cute! I bet they smell terrific!!

Crochet-n-Quilt said...

Great idea! Here's a suggestion for you. Bag up your small scraps and give to a quilting guild. There will be someone there who will become your next best friend!

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