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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Batty Christmas

Madeline McGregor helped me out in the homewares department at the Young Designers' Markets on Sunday.  Aka Maddy, she is a fabulous textile designer who lived and studied in Wellington, New Zealand before crossing the Tasman Sea to live in the sunshine.  Although lately, Brisbane hasn't been so sunny.  Thank you to all who braved a very hot and humid day to visit us.

Maddy has been assisting in the Thea & Sami Studio weekly in return for studio time to create her own line of fun products.  Fascinated and inspired by the colony of Fruit Bats that live in New Farm Park in her neighbourhood, Maddy came up with the idea of the "Christmas Bats" that made their debut at the markets.

Also known as Flying Foxes in Australia, they are non-existent in NZ leading me to wonder if they don't like kiwifruit?  Regardless, these proved to be quite popular and are available in 3 varieties and in a rainbow of colours.  

Christmas Bats can be hung on your Christmas tree, bat-style or in your windows all year round.  At the markets, the bats were hanging off a mini-Christmas tree near our organic lavender products which led many to believe that they too were lavender-filled as the aroma was so strong.  Sweet-smelling bats - an idea for a future range?

This "rose" coloured bat was my Christmas present from Maddy.  He is so cute and is screen-printed on natural linen and filled with padding.  He has festive sequins for eyes.  I will get some more photographed later this week and you will be able to buy one or more on-line from Thea & Sami.

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Kerry Stewart-Haynes said...

Hi Thea ... Campbell & I loved meeting you at the Young Designers Market. What a great idea!

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