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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mexican Climber

Fresh & Modern. This is my new favourite product! What do you think? Leave your comments on this or any other of my blog entries before December 10th for your chance to win an adorable Door Mouse.

This is our Mexican Climber design hand-printed on 100% certified black linen border. The white towel is certified organic cotton as per the previous Blossom design.

A few weeks ago I had breakfast at the bayside Fish Cafe and visited the Manly Creative Markets where I purchased a wonderful pre-owned botanical book. That is where the inspiration for this design came from. This plant had some complicated scientific name but we opted for the simpler "Mexican Climber" as it is exactly that and we thought it sounded kind of cool.

Currently, I am collaborating with a lovely young designer who studied Textile Design in Wellington, New Zealand. Her name is Madeline McGregor and she is the talent behind this design. I'm sure you will agree that she is a great illustrator.

Watch this space for more of Maddy's upcoming work. She will be bringing some of her own work joining me this Sunday, December 7th at the Young Designers Markets.

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