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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Recycle Everything!

The hardest thing about running a small business is watching your cash-flow and the never-ending expenses. I really needed something to safely catch my printed fabric as it came out the other side of the textile dryer.

I was thrilled when my partner, Voyt suggested that we recycle the wood from the pallet that the dryer was transported on, to be used as the frame for a fabric-catching box. Yay! Saving the wood, a little of the environment and money - especially when the labour is gratis.

Voyt is not a carpenter but I was impressed with the (simple) box-frame he made.

Emily, our in-house patternmaker/machinist used some discontinued fabric to make a clever, washable slip-cover for the fabric-catching box. And as you can see - it works perfectly as it catches a heat-cured Thea & Sami linen cupcake tea-towel.

1 comment:

Little Jane St said...

Love it - it is so good when you can re-mould something into something great!!! (and useful)

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