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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Little Brown Dog

Rebecca Lewis loves to sew.  I met Bec when we both participated in the Young Designers Market at Southbank (Brisbane) last December.  Her label "Little Brown Dog" utilises materials found at Opportunity Shops.  Very ecologically responsible!

As part of my efforts to promote creative talents from South East Queensland, I asked Bec a few questions so that we could know her better:

How did you start your business?
It was an ET doona (duvet) cover that started it all.  I stumbled across it in an op-shop and it became a skirt for me and fisherman pants for my brother.  Both of us received great feed back when wearing them out so I began scouring op-shops for more crazy material to transform into clothes for other people.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I start with the material and try to imagine what it would look best as; skirt, trousers, shirt or dress.  I also look to old patterns for inspiration, these too can be found in op-shops.  It's well worth sorting through dusting boxes to find the occasional gem.

Where can people buy your designs from?
By contacting me via my blog or at the Little Market at the Avid Reader Bookshop usually the last Friday of the month but check Lovely Things Makers  for market details.

Can people bring their own fabrics for you to sew?
Absolutely, I love doing made to order as people get something unique that they really want and can help design.

Why did you come to the Thea & Sami screen-printing class?
For further inspiration and to see how I might integrate screen print into my work. I also wanted to meet other creative souls.

Are you going to be incorporating printing in your work?
Hopefully in strange and interesting ways.

What do you love about living creatively in South East Queensland?
Meeting other passionately creative people, sharing ideas and the fantastic op-shops to be found in every suburb.

Do you have a tip for other crafters/arty types?
Sewing: start simple, build your confidence and skills by pulling apart old clothes to see how they're put together, treat it like a puzzle and see if you can figure out how to put it together again or use it to inspire you to work from scratch.

What don't people usually know about you and you don't mind telling?
I cut my own hair.

Thanks Bec.

Here is another cool design from the screen-printing workshop Bec attended. To see the others, check out Rebecca screen-prints.

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Amy (badskirt) said...

Love the green design.

Bec said...

Hi Thea, this is a great way that you've chosen to showcase workshop participants. It's rather nice to see my name in print too. Cheers Bec

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