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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Organic Gift and Wrapping

Hemp tea-towels make a wonderful environmentally friendly gift wrap. Hemp has the advantage of being naturally resistant to bacteria and mould even after several washings. While these towels are not certified organic, hemp is a weed so grows well without the use of pesticides and will quickly regrow once cut, making it very sustainable. As the strongest natural fibre, it will last for many years.

This idea is courtesy of the lovely Rita, a client of mine who buys our hand-printed
tea-towels to wrap around wine bottles.
I am going a step further by choosing a certified organic wine. We are very fortunate in Australia to have wonderful vineyards and many of the smaller ones are now growing their grapes organically, without chemicals.

So for a lovely guilt-free hostess or party gift, begin by choosing a hemp or organic cotton tea-towel, an organic wine and some hemp twine. I purchased my twine from my local organic food store.

I am using the Thea & Sami Mexican Climber hemp tea-towel as the design is reminiscent of grape vines. Fold the towel wrong side out so when wrapped, you can fold over the border (see final image).

Place the bottle inside the towel and wrap. This step is very important otherwise if you wrap the towel around the bottle without enclosing it, the towel can easily slip off and the bottle may tragically crash to the floor.

Use the hemp twine to secure the towel and then fold over to style a collar.
You now have a very impressive gift with wrapping that will be treasured for many years to follow.

Please feel free to comment if you find a better way to wrap your tea-towel.

Please note that this tea-towel is no longer available. For other tea-towels in our range, click here.


Tilli said...

I love the print on this, the end result looks so great.

Thea said...

Thank you Tilli. Perhaps you can visit the studio one day since you are in Brissie.

Tilli said...

I would love to, but I don't live in Brisbane, further north! But who knows one day!

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