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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Organic Mushrooms

For the first time since I set up my studio, I needed to have new large screens made. Ouch!  At $300 (AU) just for the screen and not including digitally-printed film positives, clamps and image exposure, setting up for screen-printing is not cheap; a fact that customers don't always appreciate.

This is our new mushrooms design - which I thought would be fun for small sewing projects.  I have printed it in the organic cotton jersey (below) as not many people offer hand-printed fabrics in jerseys.  This fabric is ideal for making t-shirts, sleepware and children's clothing.  The organic cotton is pesticide and chemical free making it ideal for senstive skins. The white is bleached with hydrogen peroxide and not chlorine which means it is better for the environment too.

The printed organic jersey is now available via the Thea & Sami shopping site  and is also offered  in the brown on natural linen or red on white linen (shown below).  Any other colour suggestions are welcome.  Please contact me with any wholesale enquiries.

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