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Monday, 16 February 2009

Hand Made Bowl and Fabric Winner

As a craftsperson, I can't ever imagine giving a gift that wasn't hand-made.  Last Friday night, I attended a surprise birthday party for my artisitic friend Jay Dee Dearness, successfully pulled off by her husband Pete.

Part of Jay Dee's present was this adorable little hand-sewn bowl from Finki, which was traded in return for my
mushrooms fabric.  The bowl was then filled it with guest soaps and accompanied with a Thea & Sami pistachio, organic cotton "Blossoms" bath towel.  It was sheer coincidence that it matched Jay Dee's decor perfectly as I hadn't visited her new home until Friday.

Speaking of mushrooms fabric, I would like to thank all of you who entered my blog giveaway which has now ended. There were so many clever suggestions as to what to do with the fabric that I had to put everybody's name into a bowl (twice for those who commented on their own blogs) to draw a winner.

The winner is Wilma from Newcastle, Australia.  Wilma of Empress Wu Designs plans to use the fabric to make a little forest/woodland creature doll.  We will be asking Wilma to show us the finished results in the near future.

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Finki (jay) said...

So glad the bowl matched her decor, I'm still pondering the design of my new skirt, using your fab mushroom print fabric.

Want it to be perfect. ( :

Congrats empress wu, your gunna love your thea & sami prize.

Wilma said...

Wow - How exciting! Thank you, Thea. I am very grateful to be the winner of the mushroom fabric giveaway. I am really looking forward to creating something special with it.

Jay Dee said...

Thea, this was a lovely present - thanks so much! I couldn't get over how well the whole present fitted with my home - you know me well :). And the Finki bowl is beautiful...

Thea said...

You're all very welcome!

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