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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Weird but Cool

On the lighter side of things, I visited Artisan (formerly Craft Queensland) last Thursday night for the opening of their first 2009 exhibition, suitably named "Hand Made Strange". The show focuses on graduate and emerging arists who use their abilities to create strange objects from otherwise familiar ones.

I was particularly fascinated by this "Tip of the Icing Berg" piece by Elizabeth Willing, made of marzipan icing and artificial fingernails (image courtesy of the artist).

I also like Hannah Cripp's "Office Virus" (image courtesy of USQ). Look carefully and you will see the virus constructed from various office items. Very clever girls!

Other artists included in the show are Shane Brazier, Helen Rogers, Catherine Sagin, Mila Vasikic.  The exhibition runs until April 4th so if you are in Brisbane, try to make it to Artisan and their cool gift store of hand-made objects, M(art).

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