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Friday, 27 March 2009

New Organic Canvas Prints

After a wonderful show in Melbourne, we are confirming that Thea & Sami will have a stand at the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show in the Incubator Section (the coolest part) for Indie Designers. I will be conducting daily screen-printing demos.

I know that you all want more eco fabric choices and as we have been printing for our organic clothing line, we thought that we could share some of the fabric with you.

These 2 designs are hand-printed on hemp/organic cotton canvas and would be suitable for making tote bags or homewares. The striped design was achieved by ripping strips of black paper to create the film positive needed for the screen exposure. We really like the organic feel of it although the guys who expose the screens for me weren't as enthused as the amounts of sticky tape (biodegradable) used caused some buckling. This made it difficult to keep the positive flat during the light exposure process. I do tend to push their boundaries and they generally, at best, tolerate me.

The image above shows the laying out of the striped positive over the text one as the two prints also work well together as 2-colour design. See our Fashion Shoot for our upcoming canvas skirt for an example.

The text does have a meaning that if you are patient enough to read it and move across the square, you will be able to decipher it. You will probably have to have the actual fabric in hand to do that.

So what do you think about colours - any suggestions or preferences? And we are also printing the text onto other lighter fabrics such as organic cotton jerseys and hemp/organic cotton. Of course, we always customise our ink colours for minimum purchases of 6 metres.

After a short break, my screen-printing workshops are starting again tomorrow. Yay! You are now able to book workshops instantly via our on-line store.

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KT said...

Really cool Thea! I think this work is really resolved. Looking forward to seeing more.

Re: colourways, something digital/text based - either black/charcoals like print media or really bright colours inspired by video games!

Jay Dee said...

Love the green colour Thea! Also, maybe something in a red might look good too? Am deffinitely with KT on the black and charcoals though.

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