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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Craft Kits

The Brisbane Stitches and Craft
Show opens tomorrow - or should I say today! After weeks of preparations (and I'm still going) I think I am more or less ready. Unfortunately, I have forgotten a couple of things so will need to drive to my studio in the morning before the show but fortunately, the Brisbane show opens an hour later than the previous show at 10.00 am daily.

My mobile phone charger has also gone missing so if anybody has tried to call me today, you will know why I haven't responded. I will have to try and buy another one in the morning. Don't you just hate how every phone needs a different type of charger? I do.

Back to the show, on offer at the Thea & Sami stand are hand-printed fabrics and lovely tea-towels for Mother's Day gifts. New products include the "Loads of Fishes" craft packs and the "Mushrooms" hemp/organic cotton canvas fabric pack which also includes instructions to make the tote bag.

I had the pack covers and instructions professionally photo-copied and I love how well they turned out. In my rush, it was inevitable that something would be forgotten as I was still finishing off the file for the mushrooms pack this morning. I have omitted the finished size of the bag - it is 32 x 42 cm. The fabric is a generous 100 cm x 46 cm so can be used for other projects too.

The Mushrooms pack will be available in 2 colours - red on natural or brown on latte, see earlier post. The new finished size is longer than our previous sample. Don't worry if you can't sew as we will have some ready-made too. I will be listing these products on our website next week after the show. Otherwise, you can email me to enquire.

I have picked up the Show programme today and I can tell you that one day at the show will not be enough! There is entertainment galore including on-stage interviews with some of the exhibitors including Kelley and Kate of
Peppermint Mag, the lovely girls from Ink & Spindle and yours truly. My interview is about the business and there is one scheduled for Wednesday at 2.00 pm and another on Sunday at 1.15 pm. I better look at those interview questions now.

Are you coming to the Stitches and Craft Show?

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Purple Paisley Patch said...

I'll be there tomorrow and Saturday Thea, I figured one day wouldn't be enough. Tomorrow I'll browse and snap up some goodies that I think will sell quickly and Saturday I'll sit in on some workshops, and take some classes - like how to crochet!!! See you there. Kelly :-)

Thea said...

Oh, another night owl. Good idea about buying early as I am already worried if we will have enough fabric packs. Meet you then.

mygirl said...

Does that mean you were still up at 2:30am ,you're as bad as me Thea,NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY,HEY!
YEP I'll be at the the show cant wait:)

My Black Cardigan said...

Good luck at the Craft Show Thea. I am sure you will have an amazing time with all your beautiful things (I love your fabrics, especially Red Marguerite). As a visitor to the Melb Show, it was so inspiring to see so many talented and clever crafty people. I am sure you will inspire many Brisbane visitors at the Show. And I hope you get some sleep soon!!!

Thea said...

Thanks Nikki. Just had a nice 2 hour snooze on my sofa. Ready to pack some more fabric packs now :)

Bec said...

Hope you have a good one at the rest of Stiches and Craft.I was working there yesterday but somehow didn't find you. Oh well there's always next time.

Thea said...

Sorry I missed you Bec. I was probably doing my screen printing demo.

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