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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Eco Bridesmaids

I was a little sceptical when eco-designer Bec Lewis purchased some organic cotton/spandex from me a few weeks ago to make some bridesmaids dresses but I should have known better than to distrust the sewing talents of Little Brown Dog. Black Jersey may not an obvious choice for a bridal party but the outcome is very impressive and no doubt the dresses combined sexiness (clinging in all the right places) with comfort as I'm sure there was much dancing involved.

The bridal party from left to right is (Bride) Sascha Mason (nee Candlin), Heidi Greentree, (Baby) Scarlet Mason, Naomi Roberts, Jacqui Horricks and Debbie Salter. The baby's adorable dress was also an eco choice as it was made from an old sheet by Bec.

Note the sexy side split.  A good environmental choice does not have to compromise style is what I keep saying.

Little Brown Dog is famous for cleverly upcycling otherwise discarded items.  This couch critter is made from fabric swatches from an old upholstery sample book.

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Sharon said...

What a beautiful way to make the wedding more environmentally friendly. Wonderful dresses as well.

Sussie said...

Hi Thea,

Thanks for the birthday bunting guess, will let you know at the end of the month. Susie

Susie said...

Hi Thea,

Thanks for the birday bunting guess, will let you know at the end of the month. Susie

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