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Friday, 24 April 2009

My New Toy

I never knew I would be so excited about an EFTPOS terminal but I am. This was delivered to our studio today and I had fun playing with it. Put immediately to work, two telelphone bookings were taken today for screen-printing workshops. I didn't even have the chance to post the new dates but the 23rd May class is now fully booked. Two alternate dates are now on the website for May.

So don't fret about running out of cash at the Show or lining up at the ATM, come and buy hand-printed fabrics and goodies at the Thea & Sami Stand (156). We will take your debit or credit cards with glee :)

And you've got to love the Blogging creative community. Kisses and a BIG thank you go to the lovely Shannon of My Girl who has volunteered to help at our stand next Friday and to model at the Lady Beetle Breakfast.

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dyanna said...

I like your blog. I'm waiting for your new posts.

Thea said...

Thank you Dyanna, that's nice to know.

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Hi Thea, I just checked for the new screen printing dates, but it's still showing the April 18 date. I'm very keen to do a screen printing workshop with you. :-)

Beach Vintage said...

wow, a mobile eftpos machine. Now theres no excuse to buy!

Thea said...

The new dates are definitely on the website. If you have any problems, please call me.

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