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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Badge of Honour

Custom-made, is there anything more exciting? I recently sent some hand-printed fabric scraps to the multi-talented Sophie Isobel knowing full well that they would be made into something wonderful. In return, I was rewarded this week with my own "I heart screen-printing" brooch. Perfect for a fabric printer and an honour for me to wear. I can't wait to see what Sophie does with her remaining Thea & Sami stash.

The brooch made its debut today at the Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe (
MSIT) when I spoke to a group of fashion students about our green business practices. The other guest speaker was Kelly-Ann Wickham, passionate owner of Bliss Ecowear, Brisbane's first boutique dedicated to eco-fashion.

The brooch came wrapped in this, typical of Sophie's romantic style.

I seem to have collected many badges lately including these that were made for the Stitches and Craft Show and for Mix Tape by Justin Telfer, co-founder of
Mix Tape Zine which I, as slow as I am, only recently discovered and subscribed to. It really is a must-read for all craft lovers.

I was also the lucky recipient of this adorable camel brooch, made from one of those cocktail swizzle sticks and given to me at the Stitches and Craft Show by Craft Laboratory researcher Danielle. She is such a sweetie.

The red crochet flower is now a brooch that I pin onto my garments with a safety pin. However, in a previous life it, and three others like it, was attached to a bright lime-green vintage crocheted cushion. Nobody can accuse me of being a chromophobe but this was one ugly colour-clashing creation. I have since discarded the cushion and wear the adorable flower.

If you haven't already, I strongly recommend that you visit Sophie's blog: Her Library Adventures.

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bubbachenille said...

At The Handmade Expo we love Sophies brooches too, we all have one that says "I heart The Handmade Expo". My grandbabies got me one for Mothers day that says "We heart nanny mimi" (thats me !)
Hope you enjoy wearing yours, you'll get lots of adoring comments for sure.

Thea said...

Oh, the Nanny love one is nice!

Lyssy May said...

love a good brooch - great collection Thea!

The Handmade Expo said...

oooo...we are such mumma bubba has mentioned...


Beach Vintage said...

Thanks for reminding me about Mix Tape Zine. I have just gone to the site purchased one. See you next week.

Danielle said...

Hi Thea.. co-incidently I just posted about a new brooch as well, then came over and spotted your post full of brooch-y goodness :)

I love your new Sophie brooch - very cool!!

M* (Melanie) said...

sophie's badge is beautiful! Lucky you!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I am loving the custom made screen printing brooch... very jealous right now!!

xo Steph

Thea said...

HI Steph, I recommend you get one custom-made by Sophie. No need to be jealous!

Trish Goodfield said...

I so agree about mixtape, the best find of the show.

Anonymous said...

I love Sophie's brooches too I have five now and just can't stop looking at them on Etsy!! love yours too

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