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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Vintage Blue & Silver Shoe

Excellence in Queensland Design was celebrated last Wednesday evening as part of our state's 150th birthday. The event was held at Government House. I was fortunate to have been one of 200 (including partners) invited to attend.

The dress code was cocktail and lounge suit and I decided that a little vintage glamour would serve me well. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photographs at the function as flash photography was strictly prohibited so I will have to show you what I wore sans model.

This is a vintage gown acquired from eBay a couple of years ago. It came from London and is probably from the 60s. Like most garments of the era, it is very well made and cut for a womanly shape. The dress was quite long but I asked Emily to cut and shorten it on the day. A little scarey to alter something so precious but I had total faith and Emily did a beautiful job. The dress does look better at the less formal, cocktail length.

The fitted waist-line features exquisite hand-beading and silver embroidery.

The silver shoes are not vintage. They were bought from the Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio at Pacific Fair a few years ago for my sister's wedding.

The evening was a mix and mingle cocktail party with plenty of champagne flowing. The Governor, Her Excellency Ms. Penelope Wensley AO was the most gracious hostess and a true patron of the arts. She worked the room and thanked us all personally for attending.

The personal highlight of my evening was meeting fashion designer Leigh Buchanan. For those who watched the Australian series of Project Runway, you will remember him as the runner-up in the competition. However, he was my favourite on the series and is just as much fun in person. He loved my "frock" and asked if he could touch the beading (of course!) and he did ask my husband if he could marry him. But alas (for Leigh) Voyt was already taken.

Other friends that were present included KT Doyle, Madeleine Brown and Katelyn Aslett.

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billy boy & mia said...

stunning colour, love the beaded detail!

Beach Vintage said...

What a winner that dress is.

Polka Dot Daze said...

That dress is absolutely stunning!

Kylie said...

Gorgeous frock, Thea. It sounds like a fab night. Also, wanted to let you know I just rang Tangled Yarns and they're getting together their classes timetable at the moment. Stephanie said crochet would be either Tues or Thurs mornings and evenings. You need to call them to register interest if you're still keen on learning. Okay, thanks. K

Thea said...

Hi Kylie, thanks for letting me know. I just called T.Y. so it should be happening soon. I can't go on Saturdays though as I teach my own workshops then.

Mollimoo said...

What a beautiful dress! Just my kind of style. I love all things vintage. Thanks for visiting me on my blog, Thea x

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