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Monday, 8 June 2009

Spot the Imposter

This adorable shetland collie is amazingly needle-felted by Karen Clothier of Inspiration by Karen.

I never ceased to be amazed by the talents of my blog followers. Therefore, I am adapting
Katy's great idea of "follow your followers" to discover and highlight what they do. I will try and do this weekly.

Seriously, how brilliant is this? Would the real dog please stand up and bark?

This is a white wolf but it really reminds me of my pet spitz, Zoe.

To see more needle-felted pets or to have a replica made of your own, visit Karen's etsy

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Alexandra said...

Aw ZOE! I think I commented on her before, but she just makes me happy. (We had a spitzy growing up!)
: )

Sandrine said...

Nice idea follow the followers...great neddle felting!

Kylie said...

Fantastic needle felting - they are sooo cute! Thanks for this Thea. K

Inspiration By Karen said...

Thank you so much Thea, I really do appreciate that you would want to share my work with your followers!
Karen Clothier

ClaireBee said...

Those are marvelous!

Beach Vintage said...

Cute. I wonder if they bark too?

Katy said...

They are the coolest little dogs, and i bet they don't poop in the house either :-) Glad you like the Follow the Followers idea!

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