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Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Old Flour Mill

I visited Handmade Heaven on Saturday, Liesa Gifford's lovely new space located in the Old Flour Mill in Ipswich. This is a sweet little arcade of hidden treasures and I will have to revisit soon to properly see everything including the antique store that was closed by the time I arrived.

Liesa was a very happy customer when she opened her parcel of Thea & Sami hand-printed linen tea-towels. Hers is the first store to stock our new Butterflies design!

Liesa's sweet pink store is full of lovely hand-made goodies. I really liked these baby bouquets made with infant clothing and wash-cloths; the ideal gift for new arrivals.

Ipswich is a short drive from Brisbane and a great day trip. As one of Queensland's oldest towns, there are beautiful heritage buildings to see and Queen's Park is ideal for a picnic, complete with a cafe, children's playground and native animals to see (for free) including kangaroos, dingoes and wombats.

A perfect example of Georgian architecture is Booval House. The image is courtesy of the website. For further information and for wedding bookings, visit Booval House.

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Sandrine said...

Ipswich is a full day trip for us...but hopefully will do and visit Liesa pretty shop one day.

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Thanks heaps for the visit Thea. It was so great to see you again and am super excited to be stocking your beautiful teatowels and tote bags in handmade heaven. Ipswich is a fabulous town. I just love it to bits.

Nosovich said...

I love the tea towels for Handmade Heaven! Also nice to see such a nice mention of Ipswich! We lived there for 3 years when the kids were babies and were a 5 minute walk from the lovey Queens Park! It is indeed a lovely place and Handmade Heaven is just another reason to go there....

Thea said...

I love Ipswich. I was born there & lived there until I was 8. Drove past my old house on Saturday and it was beautifully renovated. I was quite emotional and wanted to take a pic but was afraid they would think I was a stalker, lol.

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