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Thursday, 24 September 2009

More Inspirations

Continuing from yesterday's post, here are more inspiring images from last week's screen-printing class.

How effective is this image from creator Liz Hooper? I love the hand-cut lines of the design. The original idea was more complicated so I suggested that we use a snippet of it.

This is Liz proudly sporting her freshly painted printed tote bag.

Can you believe the detail on this 2-colour print? I do have clever students. Designer Josh Tracey did an excellent job of registering the print like a pro. He would also like to make it clear that this is a moose, not an elk.

And I love the fluid lines of this guitar printed by Mel Kearns, reminiscent of a Matisse

Here is Mel and Josh relaxing after a productive screen-printing day wearing their own exclusive designer t-shirts.


Dragonfly said...

So many talented people in Brisbane!!
Hope you didn't get too much dust in the studio yesterday!! Its in my house everywhere .... big sigh - I have an unexpected day of cleaning to do :-(
Cheers, Karen

Curlyhead said...

I love that guitar. very cool design.

Michelle said...

Great designs...
love the Moose too...
and the two colours are fantastic...

Nicole said...

Your classes look like so much fun Thea - I love the moose and the guitar!

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