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Monday, 9 November 2009

Eco Mama

I love going to the beach and Byron Bay is one of my favourite destinations. Sunday was an especially good day as I was able to mix pleasure (day at beach) with business to personally deliver an order of Thea & Sami hemp/organic cotton homewares to Eco Mama, a lovely new store that just opened in the town.

The shop is located in a lovely old house and is the brainchild of owner Mia Maddison. The address is 7 Marvel Street, Byron Bay. For enquiries, contact Mia on 0410 616 441.

Featured wares include hand-made items by local designers using sustainable materials and recycled fashions and vintage goods such as Glomesh purses and other bags.

I love these little ceramic bowls by Zani McEnnally and the salvaged wooden display table.

If only I had the figure to wear these retro crocheted edge, chamois bikinis.

I don't surf but I can appreciate the beauty of this surfboard made of balsa wood, a sound environmental choice.

The winners of the Pets and Bones fabric giveaway are announced here. You still have time to enter my other blog giveaway.


Michelle said...

I love Byron Bay too - can't wait to go there again! And now I have this shop to look forward to as well.

Sandrine said...

What a great way to mix travel, pleasure and work!Byron Bay is on my destination wish list;)

Anabel Fournier said...

Looks like a great place to shop. Love the bikinis with crochet edges.

Kylie said...

Looks fabulous, Thea! I have a secret love of Glomesh purses and Shirley Bassey!!... Somehow they are linked in my brain ;) K

Healthy Shift Worker said...

Another good reason to visit Byron Bay Thea and what a great achievement to have your own designs in such a great looking store. Congratulations!

P.S - By the way - I've actually slept through 3 alarm clocks!!

Curlyhead said...

I'll be sure to check out that store when I'm in Bryone next.

ilovestitches said...

WOW! Love your blog! Well done! Raewyn x

Catherine Lowe said...

Oww sounds like a nice weekend, and what a cute little shop :)

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