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Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday Follower - KT

This week's Friday Follower was one of my very first blog followers and a lady that I am proud to call friend. Brisbane-based designer KT Doyle has a multitude of talents and skills that you will discover as you read further.

1. What services or products do you offer as a designer?
I’m a project-based designer and artist specializing in sustainable solutions for wallpaper and textiles, limited edition original artworks and artwork for the public and built environments.

As well as releasing a new collection of wallpaper and textiles annually, my Bespoke Design Service delivers custom solutions for architects and interior designers. Enquiries welcome!

Over the past twenty years, I have travelled widely researching textile and decorative arts collections in Australia and Europe, along with the notion of the contemporary nomad. The basis for my work is conceptual, evolving the physical execution of ‘the idea’ in the most appropriate media including installation, the ready-made object, digital media and textiles.

My vision is for a clean future, which is auto-renewable. Be one of the forward thinkers!

2. Where can we buy your products (
wallpaper and fabrics)?

Just contact me… It’s that easy!

3. What can we expect to see from KT this year?

It’s a big year and I’m busy with a range of exciting projects:

Firstly, I’m working with Urban Art Projects (UAP) and the Brisbane City Council (BCC) to create a site-specific permanent public artwork for one of the entries to the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. The concept references botanicals cultivated in the Gardens by its nine curators over an 125+ year period. The research component of this project alone is fascinating!

Image source and further info here.

I am delighted to have been awarded a SignatureBrisbane Seed Grant to develop a new series of textiles and works on paper. The project is tentatively titled "Botanica" and is based on plants collected, studied and distributed throughout Brisbane and regional Queensland during the curatorship of Walter Hill, one of the first curators of the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. Its rationale is an extension of work I am undertaking for the public art commission at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens with UAP and BCC. This is a 12-month project due for completion early 2011 with an exhibition to follow.

Thirdly, I’m developing a new collection of wallpaper and textiles. It’s only early stages, so you’ll have to follow my project blog to find out more! Of course, my current design, Falling Leaves (pictured above) is available and can be viewed on my website or contact me for more details.

Lastly, I’m also writing about design and architecture related projects, people and events in Brisbane and regional Queensland for Indesign. Check out their suite of publications: Indesign, Design Quarterly (DQ) and Habitus. Also, their regularly updated news site is a great way to stay abreast of what’s happening across design in Australia.

4. How do you keep motivated when working from home on your own?
Motivation is certainly something I don’t have to struggle with, whether at home or not! I’ve spent so many years working for other people that I thank my lucky stars now I work full-time on my art and design practice. I find the convenience of having a home studio is brilliant and I never let a pile of washing distract me from working during the week!

Having a routine and discipline with a strict calendar is invaluable. Monday to Friday I start work at 8.30am, finish around 6.30pm and take an hour for lunch, often with friends or clients locally in New Farm. If I need to work late or over the weekend I can, while still connecting with my partner and cat in our space, which makes it feel more like play than work.

5. Is there something interesting about you that you can share and that isn't common knowledge?
I’m a swing dancer (no not swinger!), which means I like partner dancing from the 1930s – 1940s, especially a style called Balboa. I travelled to San Diego in 2007 to participate in Bal Rendezvous, an amazing week of dance workshops and social dancing, culminating with a couple of days in Las Vegas! Definitely not a relaxing holiday, but a truly exhilarating one!

Commission Wallpaper for Laruche Bar & Supper Club in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. Image source and more information here.

Thanks KT, you really are one busy lady! Do visit KT's Blog.


Kylie said...

Just wonderful Thea! Thank you so much for such an inspiring read :) K

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

thank you for introducing such a fabulous designer. Very very exciting!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

A wonderful feature! So inspiring to read about this very talented designer! :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

What a super inspiring woman! It's fantastic that the government bodies of Brisbane appreciate her talents too. Thanks Thea!

Patty said...

That's so great, thanks for the contact info!

Catherine Lowe said...

Go KT GO KT!! xo

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