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Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday Follower - Madonna

Yesterday was Earth Day so I think it is appropriate that this week's Friday Follower this week is also a crusader for environmentally-friendly design. Personally, I hate wearing synthetic fibres next to my skin and it's not easy to source eco-underwear that is also beautiful but I do believe that Madonna Bain has achieved exactly that with her luxury label Eco Intimates. Her range of stylish undergarments are made from yummy fabrics such as hemp/silk and organic cottons. Chemical-free skin clothing is good for your skin and the earth's soil and waterways.

This is the lovely Madonna Bain who
I had the pleasure to personally meet last year. Madonna is based in New South Wale's beautiful Byron Bay and because we're all nosey, I asked Madonna some questions so we could get to know her better. Read on.

1. What prompted you to start Eco Intimates?
I started Eco Intimates as my major work for my Diploma of Fashion. As I studied Fashion, I internally struggled with the impact the industry has on our planet from farming, milling, dying and consumer waste at the end. I just didn't want to feel guilty about my passion for fashion; I wanted to help make changes and support systems that help make it a cleaner industry. So I researched how I could design clothing; beautiful fashion-forward clothing that would have a lesser impact. Eco Intimates came out of my love of beautiful underwear, vintage detailing and natural fabrics. It's a growing process, one green step at a time.

2. You have very original designs, what inspires you?
I adore vintage slips and antique lace. I have collected pieces and old sewing books for years and I love to experiment with the techniques. I am inspired, above all, by beauty and what ever form that resonates with me at the time that I am designing. My desire is to designs garments that are beautiful, flattering, comfortable yet have the essence of bespoke treasure.

3. What training do you have?
I have a Diploma in Clothing Production, where I gained my technical skills for pattern-making and sizing garments. I have sewn for 15 years for myself and for little business ideas I have had over the years, my first being at 16 when I made hats out of velvets and upholstery fabrics that I sold to my family and friends :) When I had my daughters, I was inspired to design pretty frocks and bloomers for little girls and sold them at the local markets. I feel like every new venture I take is training for the dream job.

4. What other occupations have you had?
I started out in fashion retail and have worked for many boutiques in the Byron Bay area. Once I studied fashion, I freelanced as a pattern-maker for 2 years, while developing Eco Intimates. Now, as well as working on my label, I work as a sales representative for a fashion agent. This is great research for my own business. I always keep my eye on my future goals and try to work in areas that will assist and give me the experience I need to be a successful business woman.

5. Where can we buy your designs?
The 2010 range is available to order from and on my etsy store and will be available in selected stores from September.

6. Is there something interesting about you that you would like to share with us?
I recently had my first celebrity style job. I was asked to design and make a frock (in 2 days !!) for the gorgeous blues and roots performer, Dallas Frasca for a red carpet event, The MusicOz Awards. Dallas is a fierce supporter of our planet and its wildlife, a true Rock and Roll lady who is also well known for her bright red dreadlocks and Rockabilly/Punk twist look.

It was such a thrill and loads of fun to make a dress for her. She asked for electric blue and I amazingly found a 50's bright blue satin frock with loads of fabric in it. I transformed the dress into a Dallas-style number, added loads of tulle tutus underneath and electrify she did. She took out the major award for the Artist of the Year and Blues and Roots artist and I got a dress on MTV ... Yippee!!!

Wow! That is exciting. Thanks Madonna. I will keep reading your blog to follow your adventures.

I am moving house today and I am a little sad as it looks like the first few days it will only be me and the dog in our lovely new place. We were so looking forward to this time but hubby is still in hospital. However, he may be getting a day pass to come out and visit on Sunday. Oh dear, I make it sound like he's in prison, don't I? I won't have my internet reconnected in the new place until Tuesday so I probably won't be around before then. Have a Great Weekend!

Images are courtesy of Madonna Bain and MTV.


My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, what a wonderful interview and what an eco fashion inspiration!I adore natural fibres,my clients often forget that if something feels good,it shows! If you get a moment check out my DIY eco fashion post it's great fun! See you guys soon! Sharon xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Awesome interview & what a great idea, to put such natural fibres against our most precious 'bits'. Love Posie

Cute as Buttons said...

You have such interesting guests, Thea! I do hope the move went well, that your Mister is starting to feel much better and that you aren't too lonely. Sending lots of nice thoughts your way. Lisa x

Exquisite Accessories said...

Loved the interview Thea, The fabrics & designs looked great I will definetly be poping over to Madonnas etsy store. I am so sorry to hear your husband is still in hospital hope he got to go home on Sunday for his day out Elaine xx

manfred said...

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