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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Organic Cushions

I hope you have had a better week than me. Everything that could have gone wrong has. The following broke down: computer, internet, printer, camera and car. Is that Murphy's Law or what? Is it any surprise that I spent Good Friday trying to survive yet another migraine? I am definitely taking next week off to pack and move house.

Now that I have explained my absence from the blogging community, I would like to move on to some positive happenings. We are expanding our homewares range to include cushions.

I am so happy with the quality of these. Our cushion-maker also made the internal form, ensuring that it is well filled for a professional look.

These cushions feature our Cottage Garden design hand-printed on the organic cotton/hemp Jacquard that is also available as fabric here. I will be listing the cushions on the Thea & Sami website once all my programs are reinstalled on my new laptop so please be patient or otherwise email me.

This range will also be available at
New Farm Editions. New natural linen printed designs will follow.

These black and white cushions are printed on the organic linen.

Curious how we print our fabrics? Don't forget you can see exactly how at our Open Studio this Sunday. Let me know if you're coming and I'll provide refreshments.

There will be sale clearance prices on discontinued fabrics, polyester fabrics, old screens, organic cotton t-shirts, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Ps, sorry Thea, forgot to mention how beautiful your cushions look !

Anonymous said...

Hi Thea
sorry to hear you have had a bad run of things ...Im sure you will hit the ground running soon ! ( i have had the inlaws staying with us so have not been feeling so chummy myself lol ) good luck with the move, hope to see you on sunday
Daniele xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Against all the odds, your work is still stunningly beautiful!! So hope your migraines subside, we should give up textiles & find a final cure, well i was a pharmacologist?? Hoping this side of Easter is happier, thinking of you Thea, love Posie

Dragonfly said...

Oooh - I had a migraine too on Good Friday .... must of been something in the Brisbane air. Hope this week is much better for you!
Cheers, Karen

Wini said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, and I hope things are better this week! I love the new cushions. The designs are lovely! :))

Emjie said...

Well, when they say 'everything that can go wrong, will go wrong'. There is another saying that you can then bounce back with — 'things can only get better'. Hopefully the worst is now over and your universe can get back on track.
Those cushions are sweet as.

Creative Arty Facts said...

Hope that the "bad luck" run has ended and you are now focusing on you open day this week. At this stage, count me in! Liz

Michelle said...

The cushions look great.
Am planning on coming to your open day - me plus two (well behaved) children.

I hope the bad luck run has passed.

Hot Fudge said...

It must be something in the water. I had to replace my overlocker a short while back due to its fatal crash to the floor (the insurance company refused to reimburse me). My sewing machine spat the dummy and is now in the repair shop with a bill looming in the vicinity of $500 (when I finally hear from the technician - but that's another story). The fabric I ordered from a large company in Kentucky was sent to our old Post Office Box address through a clerical error on their part and Australia Post wouldn't allow me to claim it - sent it straight back. Oh, and the seat belt on the driver's side of our car refused to work and the whole unit had to be replaced.

So when I saw your gorgeous cushions, I realised that life on the whole is pretty good. I am so sorry that you too were a victim of Murphy, but you can take pride in your beautiful creations.

Thea said...

Thank you all for your well wishes. Hot Fudge: I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck too. I can't believe what Australia Post did to you! AS if comparing names wouldn't be proof enough.
I do look forward to seeing you all on Sunday :)

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Gorgeous! Love your pillows ( and your blog ) new follower :) xo

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