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Monday, 24 May 2010

Busy Bees

I FINALLY have internet in my new home. Yay! We have other things that need fixing around here but who cares? I can start blogging again and visiting you all.

I had a lovely time at Sew-It-Together in Melbourne and as you can see, there was some serious crafting taking place. Don't ask what I did all day. I knitted, unravelled, knitted, unravelled and then knitted just a little more. I hadn't knitted in 4 years and I just couldn't get into the rhythm of it. I hope my daughter isn't reading this as she will be waiting for a while before she gets her knitted beanie with ear-flaps. Elessa, be grateful for the blender I bought you!

I was fortunate to have the vivacious Juddie of Flightless
Boyds sitting at my table. She was making a toy rabbit as she is also a member of The Toy Society. They leave toys in random places around the world for a lucky recipient to find. How much fun would it be to find one of those?

My other lovely neighbour was Mary-Jane who flew all the way from New Zealand for a well-deserved break. She has 3 little girls and another baby on the way so I was happy that she won the mini-quilt sewing pack on the day.

And it was super-exciting to personally say hello to the people whose blogs I follow such as the elusive Tania of Myrtle and Eunice fame.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the Sew-It-Together dinner as I had a terrible headache that evening. However, the next day I had a fantastic brunch at
Chimmys at Richmond with Elessa and met up with Alyssa of Lyssy May for lunch and shopping for the rest of my day. Alyssa and I are collaborating on a beautiful range of hand-printed hand-bags that will be revealed at Life Instyle in August. The samples were so perfect that I got quite teary when I saw them. It was the motivation that I needed to keep moving forward right now.

Sheridan did an amazing job of organizing this event and is planning to do it again next year in Sydney. I highly recommend going if you can. There was a lot of positive energy in the room. Thanks Sheridan!

I will be
updating my website this week so stay tuned.
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Bec said...

Looks like you had a great time. I can't believe I've only just heard about sew it together. I'll have to keep an eye out for it next year :)

Up In Annie's Room said...

Hooray, you're back online!! Sounds like Melbourne was fun :-)

Anonymous said...

good to have you back Thea :)

Tania said...

Ah, evil woman! Welcome, back on line, (I think!).

Thea said...

Oops, I just realised I had spelt your name wrong, Tania. Now corrected.

yardage girl said...

It's a shame you couldn't make it to the dinner - it would have been lovely to meet you. Nic

Emjie said...

It looks and sounds like you had a really nice time (minus the headache).

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohhh how great to see everyones pics & stories of your melbourne adventures.
i think I definitely have to join in on next years fun & games.

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