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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I Need a Break!

As an self-confessed internet addict, I always knew that the withdrawal symptons of not having internet access on-call would be brutal. I can honestly say that I feel like my hands have been cut off. The drama with Telstra Bigpond continues. Basically, I have been promised a service that is not available in my area but they have promised me a solution today (promises, promises).

We have been busy though. What I hadn't yet told you is that my husband has quit his job as a commerical real-estate agent to work with me full-time at Thea & Sami. I really do need his help! He has a strong sales background and will be the project manager for the building of our new screen-printing studio.

The thing that makes me happiest right now is that he is the BEST screen-printer. No more tears over bad and inconsistent fabric printing. When we print together, it is fabric perfection! I will be looking for another fabric printer in the future but will really be looking for someone with fabric-printing experience as I find training very time-consuming.

We have been printing more peacocks on the natural flax as seen here and also in burnt orange on the hemp/organic cotton. Very retro, don't you think?

Unfortunately, I am unable to update the website with new fabrics until my internet problems are resolved but if you are interested in any of these, please contact me directly.

And I am pleased to say that I am taking a break this weekend and flying down to Melbourne for the Sew It Together meet-up. Can't wait to meet all the other bloggers!


Anabel Fournier said...

Wow Thea this fabric looks wonderful! I am so glad to hear that your husband is going to work with you. Those are great news. Hope your internet problems are solved soon :-)

yardage girl said...

Yay fora break in Melbourne - hope to see you at the dinner! Nic x

Michelle said...

Internet can be so frustrating - hope it is sorted soon. Great news about your husband and your business.
Love the orange too!

Anonymous said...

Thats fantastic news (well not about Telstra) but working with hubby, coming from someone who works with their other half - I say go for it - good luck.
Enjoy the delights of Melbourne in Autumn, Red wine, Shopping, Haighs Chocolates - no Im not jealous much :)
Daniele x

julie said...

I can relate to the Telstra issues Thea - it was a nightmare trying to port over our business numbers and get the internet on when we moved the business. I almost had a breakdown! One time I spoke to 8 different people in one phone call, every time I was put on hold I was accidentally transferred to another department, Ugh! Hang in there it will eventually be sorted out I'm sure. I like the orange peacocks - it is very retro. Have a good break in Melbourne!

Beach Vintage said...

I have seen your hubby in action Thea, he is a mean screen printer!

Posie Patchwork said...

Sounds gorgeous, nothing like trusting your work partner!! My husband would love to work with me, not sure he can swap a rifle & all that boyish Army stuff for a needle & thread though?? Love that pattern & so much enjoying your fabrics, thanks, love Posie

Allison said...

Telstra always seem to make life difficult don't they? I think it's great that your husband will be working with you at Thea and Sami!
Have a great time in Melbourne - bring your mittens, it's been a bit cold ;) brrrrrr

emma lamb said...

oh Thea, this print is stunningly gorgeous ~ i love the peacocks and that mustard yellow is just gorgeous, very retro indeed... !
and how fab is that, to have your man joining you in business!?

oh, and i do hope you get your internet issues sorted soon... :)
emma x

Caroline said...

The peacock design is just divine! I was just treated to some beautiful peacock displays when I visited a monastery in Macedonia last week in fact! Enjoy your break in Melbourne - don't forget "four seasons in one day"...

Karen Brock said...

Hi Thea,
I've been off air for a bit but so keen to get back to work....I love your peacock print and the coathanger covers. You are amazingly talented to be able to come up with new designs, move house, look after family and home. It's all very inspiring.

Jo said...

I love the peacock print - gorgeous. In Melbourne I was trying to remember the Thea & Sami teatowel print I bought for my Mum in Yass - it is an ivy/vine design at the bottom of the teatowel - lovely.

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