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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

More Fish

Zeega is of our favourite stores and sells a lot of Thea & Sami linen table runners and tea-towels which is why we found it hard to say no to a recent request for Fish table runners.

They do look delicious but were extra work to print and make, so won't be added to our regular range any time soon. If you do want to catch one, you will have to duck into Zeega quick smart.

Available in black or white print.

Zeega has also been selling the "Loads of Fishes" tea-towel in a creme (off-white) print. I just reprinted these so they have been add to our regular range.

Our new, natural linen tea-towels are a beautiful darker colour. You may buy fishy tea-towels directly from our on-line store. Free shipping in Australia!

Or if you would like one for free, spend $100 or more in our on-line store and quote "Fish tea-towel" in the check-out instructions. You may also choose your colour preference. Offer is valid until the end of June. Please note, extra shipping costs will still apply and be quoted for orders outside Australia.


Mechelle said...

I am a frustated artist who is trying to learn how to silk screen. Mastering color consistancy on fabric is my problem.

Thea said...

HI Mechelle, if you're using the same inks and keeping a record of your colour-mixing formulas, you shouldn't have any problem with consistency. Fabric colour can change the appearance of ink colour and you should always wait for the ink to dry to show its accuracy, much in the same way as painting a wall. I hope this helps.

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thea the fishies are delishy!

x Felicity

yardage girl said...

Lovely, Thea. I was in Zeega a couple of months ago and the owner was so enthusiastic about your products, I'm not surprised they are fying off the shelves! Nic

Up In Annie's Room said...

Oooh I love how these turned out.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, love a gorgeous fish design. Love Posie

Exquisite Accessories said...

Well done Thea glad all is going well for you! :) x

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