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Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday Follower - Roseanne

What a talented bunch you lovely readers are. I love finding out more about you so allow me introduce you to Roseanne of Canberra, this week's blog follower who creates a variety of gorgeous products from paper and fabric. Read on to find out more.

Who is "Sparrow Bee Designs" and where does the name come from?
Sparrow Bee Designs is my creative adventure, so I can earn (some) of our keep and still be at home with my kids. The name comes from a combination of my kids nicknames.

What products do you make and sell?
My products are constantly evolving and changing but my staple
products are the childrens wall art frames and crayon wallets. I also make bunting flags, both indoor and outdoors, notebook clutches, purses, fabric covered frames, hanging letters and girls clothes.

What inspires you?
Product inspiration comes mostly from just being out and about and window shopping. I have found inspiration from pyjamas through to kids colouring books and home magazines. I am also constantly inspired to continue creating by all the crafty/ home decor blogs out there and of course the many modern designer fabrics that just get better and better. No more ho-hum old fashioned, country style for me!

Do you have any professional training or are you self-taught?
I don’t have any professional training; I learnt the old fashioned way at home from Mum. I don’t remember exactly when I started but certainly from my early primary school years. We covered most crafts at some point or another. School holidays were always a hive of busy crafty creativity. I also continue to learn from lots of online tutorials.

Is Sparrowbee Designs a full-time occupation for you?
Not really, it started a year ago as a market venture with a friend for one weekend a month or so. I continue with markets regularly as well as my etsy shop. My full-time occupation is still mum and wife.

Would you share something interesting about you that isn't common knowledge?

Mmm this is a tough one! Perhaps my regret in not following on with my woodwork tuition at school. I chose a higher level of maths study instead as I thought I wanted to be an accountant. I’ve always regretted I didn’t pursue the creative side further back then. One day we’ll have room for a shed and some tools and the wood lathe just may get some use!

Thanks Roseanne for sharing but no need for regrets dear. It's never too late; I studied science and math at school too (yuk) and returned to tertiary studies at the same time my son did although I studied Textile Design and it was Computer Science for him.

Roseanne is also a talented quiltmaker so do visit her blog and say hello. You can see more of her range and check out any upcoming art markets that she will be participating at.

I often hear young mothers complain over the lack of designs for boys' rooms but I think you will like these.

And something pretty for us mums too.

Images are courtesy of Sparrow Bee Designs.

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