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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Table Makeover

I just love seeing furniture transformations and now I have my own to show you.

Why is it that everything just looks better when it's painted white?

The traditional wooden table was given to me by my Aunt a couple of years ago and although I never liked the colour, there was never time to paint it until now (yay for studio assistants). The Life InStyle trade show was just the catalyst to prompt me as we are using it as a prop in our stand (that's Stand 226 for those visiting). Please excuse our studio's ugly concrete background.

It's not a large piece so will do nicely and perfectly suits our Modern French Country theme and is such a nice backdrop for showing off our natural linen wares. Here's a peek of the Butterfly Placemats (coming soon) that we thought we would try yesterday as a new product.

The creamy white colour looks pretty good displaying our Cottage Garden table runner too. Our props are all coming together nicely so I will keep showing you as we finish them.


Ruby and Belle said...

I love the butterfly placemats they are lovely, will you do a table runner too?
We are going for a modern French Country look in our new house and they would be lovely.
Mekaela :-)

kyliept said...

That looks amazing - well done! I want to find something like that for my sewing table!

brismod said...

Yes, it is a lovely back-drop for your lovely products!

theoldboathouse said...

Oh I always love timeless and versatile...seriously in love with that runner, cheers Katherine

mondo cherry said...

The table suits your linen perfectly now. Can't wait to see more details of your stall. Bet you have had fun (and maybe a few sleepless nights) putting it all together!
Clare x

Life in the Country Lane said...

Your linen looks gorgeous on this table. Have had a look at your store and love all of it! Have to say I love the table color in the before - personally!!
Hope all goes well for the trade show.
Rebecca x

Linda said...

gorgeous table I love everything to be white hubby often jokes soon we won't find anything as it will all be white! a slight exaggeration really

theodora said...

Hi Thea! love the table makeover, I often find old table and chairs thrown out by the trash bin , have fixed them up and use them,people like new furniture here! which is great for me!!

chair up said...

Your table looks so lovely and fresh. What a good job you did. Thanks for sharing your props and products with us.

Lyssy May said...

Can't wait to see it in action - looks perfect for your display!

Thea said...

Thanks ladies. We won't be doing butterfly runners as we would need to make a large screen for yardage printing and are planning to do different designs for the next collection.

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Lovely job Thea; you're becoming quite the furniture revamp queen! Both linens look gorgeous with it.

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