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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Design Development

There are many ways of developing a design and most need time but sometimes, you may just think of something simple that instantly works. This was the case for the striped flax that we are using to wrap our new lavender soaps (in case you were wondering).

It all began as we experimented with the Marseille linen for a bag pocket. It wasn't quite right and so the idea of printing our own stripes sprung to mind. This would mean that we could perfectly coordinate the design and colours with the rest of our range.

A quick sample was required. Using the simple stencil technique that I teach in my screen-printing workshops, I made up a small screen and minutes later printed these to play around with.

Yes, the pocket coordinated perfectly with our other prints. The external pocket idea has since been scrapped but I really like the stripes. They make the ideal gift-wrap for our lavender soap don't you think? All in keeping with our modern French Country theme.

Yikes! It only occurred to me today that I now need to make up a large screen for cost-effective printing. We have soap orders and no fabric. I better get start preparing that film positive asap.

How do your ideas develop?

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