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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Linen Dining Chairs

Do you like my new chairs? I admit that I'm a little biased but I am rather chuffed with how well these slip covers turned out. We screen-printed our Marguerite design onto my favourite base cloth, the Provincial natural linen and ordinary Ikea dining chairs have been transformed into classic beauties. I will have to show you more pictures of them all with our Jimmy Possum table. Soon. The fabric will be available soon too.

Originally the plan was to take two dining chairs to the trade show with plain white covers but now I'm not sure. I think that I will take the printed covers with me too and see what looks best in the stand with our cushions and other wares.

We are having everything picked up by the freight company in the morning so it has been quite stressful getting everything ready in time. Voyt and I have only just finished glueing our sign together. Fingers crossed as we have had to place weights on all the bits and pieces and as we didn't have clamps.

Now that we finally have our dining chairs done, I can't wait to start hosting dinner parties again. I enjoy cooking when I have the time. I can't tell you what a great feeling it is for Voyt and I to enjoy the fruits of our labour in our own home. Probably the same reason so many of you enjoy painting your own furniture, sewing your own quilts and so-forth.

Please contact me if you are interested in having slip covers made from any of the Thea & Sami fabrics.


Little Jane St said...

They look beautiful Thea! You must be so excited for the show:)

sue said...

That is a great print and the chairs look marvellous. The countdown is on - you are going to have a great reception at the show - hope you have some comfy shoes to wear!

Life in the Country Lane said...

Love the slip covers. Hope the show is a great success. Have a great week.

Sandrine said...


Bella said...

These look fabulous! What a beautiful print.

KT Doyle said...

These are stunning Thea! You need to get some images off to the major magazines!

Up In Annie's Room said...


Learn2Screen-Print said...

wow these chairs look amazing thea, you are an inspiration!

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