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Sunday, 29 August 2010

My Vintage Style

Ever since we stopped producing our own fashion line last year, I am finding it so hard to find clothes that:
a) I like
b) fit properly
c) are quality-made or
d) all of the above.

Which is why I get really excited when I do find something that ticks all the boxes. The winners are usually vintage items as they are well-made with beautiful fabrics (except for the polyester-knits era) and are cut for real women's curves.

Remember how I recently confessed my addiction to Etsy shopping? Read on to see the results of my latest armchair retail therapy sessions.

A beautiful ultra-feminine floral silky dress for Spring. I love the olive green and indigo colour palette. Try your luck for something similar at LouLou's Vintage. They're not cheap but quality they are!

A more casual number for Spring is this sweet cotton dress from Vera Vague. Full skirts are perfect for hiding those wide (child-bearing) hips and so cool to wear in hot weather. I love them.

I sure wish that I had this cabled-knitted, beaded beauty when I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago. I can't believe the perfect condition of this 1950's glamorous cardigan. I'm sure I will wear this for the rest of my days. Also purchased from LouLou's Vintage.

Do you want to see more vintage and flea market finds? Let's pop over to Sophie's at Her Library Adventures.


Erica Louise said...

so pretty! Really like the mint green dress.

mylittlebirdie said...

what beautiful dresses perfect for spring and summer time. the gorgeous fabrics make it feel like the sun is streaming down. they're lovely!

zigsma said...

Yep - it's all in the cut, isn't it? Speaking as a busty lady, well made clothes can make you feel lovely. Beautiful fabric!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the beaded cardigan... i always faint at similar designs. they make me really go, oooooh!
totally agree on the 'normal size rules', so hard to find...

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh wow, loving the cardigan especially!
great style there Ms Thea!

sue said...

So stylish! I always find vintage frocks have small armholes and just can't get my quasi bingo-wings in them. I love the idea that Spring is coming and florals are BACK!!

Emjie said...

These vintage dresses are lovely. I have been thinking more and more about those old clothing styles from the middle of last century. they seemed so graceful. It would be good to wear stuff like that now and again.

Sammy said...

Every one of them is gorgeous, but my favorite is the mint green. It is beautiful.


-Samya :-)

Exquisite Accessories said...

Thea I'm loving that dress!!

zazá lee said...


Eu coloquei My vintage Style em meu blog.
Espero que não se incomode.

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