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Monday, 4 October 2010

Colours for Just Plain Gorgeous

You may remember my recent post about the fabulous new Brisbane store Just Plain Gorgeous. I had alluded to a meeting with the lovely owner Simone to discuss design ideas.

Here are the results of that meeting! A range of Thea & Sami tea-towels, placemats and make-up purses, hand-printed on white linen in the prettiest Spring colours.

Do you like them? If you do, I may consider adding them to our regular range.

The Make-Up Purses are part of my design collaboration with Lyssy May Handbags.

I have been very fortunate in getting our products into the shops that I really love and my advice if you want to do the same, is to know your product and to understand where it fits within the market place.

Visit shops, see what they sell, know the owner's taste and then go prepared with samples that you think will appeal to them. Never visit a store without making an appointment. Retailers are very busy and their time should be respected.

This week and next, I will be introducing our new stockists to you. I need to keep packing those orders now. Visit me on Wednesday for my blog giveaway.


Cute as Buttons said...

Oh, Thea, they really are gorgeous! I love the linen and pink (like my lovely lamps!). These images have me thinking of a bed throw...for the foot of the bed...T&S top and something snuggly underneath. So many lovely patterns and colours. Lisa x

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Thea, they are just gorgeous ! I love that pale shade of green it looks lovely next to the candy pink. I will have to pop down and check them out in person. Cheers Katherine xx

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

They are really pretty colours! It's fantastic that you're doing so well and that all your hard work and talent is paying off!

Creative Arty Facts said...

Oh Thea, yes they are just Gorgeous! I especially love the pink floral print in the last image - very Spring-like!

Kellie Christie said...

They are lovely!! I love the colours that you have chosen and think that they are well suited to the style of Just Plain Gorgeous :)

flowerpress said...

Great colours Thea!
And thanks for the wholesaling tips, I'm starting to dip my toe so any advice is most welcome :-)

Beach Vintage said...

Thea, the range looks amazing. I will email you a photo of the display. We have had a great response already. Regards - Simone []

Karen Brock said...

I love your Spring colours and the sweet purses.

Sandrine said...

I love the soft green on linen, but the pink is really perfect for the season!Thanks very much for your priceless wholesale advice...I need as many as I can collect to get into it too hopefully!:)xx

Kt said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

I've just come over to explore yours and am pretty excited. On the long weekend I picked up a couple of screens and that scraper thing (technical huh) on a whim. I'm going to have a go at screen printing after I find out how to do it via google.

If I was in Brissy I would have loved to try to make it to one of your classes. How amazingly fun!

For now I will have to visit your site as inspiration so I can keep dreaming that I'll master the art :)

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