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Monday, 11 October 2010

Italian Films and Help Needed

Did you have a nice weekend? I finally had some down time and am starting to feel normal again after the most exhausting 6 weeks of my life. I never want to have to organise and pack that many orders - alone - ever again! I even ended up sewing bread baskets (who knew I could?) and table runners myself to speed things along.

I will be looking for studio assistance soon. The position will intially involve help with production (organising fabrics, etc for manufacturers) and order packing. Contact me for more details.

Hubby and I did catch a couple of movies over the weekend at the Italian Film Festival. I highly recommend the film "Sorry If I Want to Marry You".

The festival is still on in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth if you are tired of seeing the same old tired film lines. Details and bookings are available here.


Tania said...

What fabulous title for a movie! Glad to hear there was a snack-let worth of time out for Thea. More, woman, more!

theodora said...

I love italian movies ,there is a channel here in Greece that shows old black and white movies and the italian ones are my favorite, If I lived near you I would have loved to be your assistant I am multi-talatent, I don't mind saying it myself ,but cummuting would be difficult LOL.

Creative Arty Facts said...

Ciao Thea! Thanks for reminding about the Italian film fest. I had completely forgotten all about it but am planning what to watch over this coming weekend.


Hi Thea, Well done with getting through your workload! Have you spoken to QUT interiors or other design students? If you need any contacts, drop me an email. Hoping to see Eat, Pray Love soon, Have fun, Lisa

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