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Friday, 22 October 2010

Shop in Style Brisbane

Stylish Brisbanites will already know of the beautiful Lily-G store located at Norman Park but for those of you who don't, I have lots of eye candy for you today!

This is in lieu of my regular Friday Follower post so I'm sure you will forgive.

Of course I'm especially excited to present this gorgeous shop as the newest stockist of Thea & Sami linen homewares, make-up purses (on counter) and yummy hand-made soaps.

Thank you to the lovely owner Melinda Boundy (on right) for supporting local designers and pictured with shop assistant Bella.

Where do I begin? There's green,


and Blue.

Pinks and blues together. This pretty table setting has reminded me how much I love this colour combination. I am picturing hand-printed Rose fabrics in pinks and blues, are you?

Hand made Christmas decorations from Norway.

Jewellery. This cabinet makes me want to wallpaper all of my shelves.

Style is everywhere you turn. There's much, much more in store so do visit Lily-G at 172 Bennetts Rd, Norman Park. The girls also offer interior design services, specialising in French inspiration mixed with the classic Hampton’s signature style.

You can see more eye candy and keep up to date over at Melinda's blog: Lily G.

Images enthusiastically taken by me (Thea).


DaVia Designs said...

I love the table setting with all the roses and china. It makes me want to get my own out of the cupboard and dust it off. I have some that I use everyday but most of it is wasted hidden away.

Annie@A View On Design said...

tell them to open a shop in melb and stop teasing me!

Karen Brock said...

Fabulous shop! and I so want Melinda's gorgeous necklace! I love that colour!

Digella said...

Isnt it such a beautiful store!
I love it too.


Posie Patchwork said...

Very beautiful shopping experience i can imagine!! The table setting was my favourite. Ahhh, love from Canberra, we're coming up to Brisbane eventually. Love Posie


I cannot remember the number of times I have driven past and not been able to pop in. Thanks for reminding me and will stop next time and will check out your lovely homewares products, Have a great weekend, Lisa

theoldboathouse said...

Oh I love Lily G and the new owners are so lovely and friendly and helpful and I am very excited they are stocking your wonderful goodies...I drive past almost daily and pop in at least once a week...they have a fab garden room too with items for conservatory style decorating xx Katherine

Ruby and Belle said...

I love that shop, lucky I don't live closer to it or I could easily bankrupt myself there.

Kristopher K said...

Great photos ... the cabinet pic makes me want to wallpaper my shelves too ... Think I'll have to take a drive up to Brisbane soon, this shop looks very tempting :)

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