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Monday, 22 November 2010

November Printers

I know how much you love seeing images from my screen-printing workshops so feel free to be inspired by last Saturday's class.

This pretty 2 colour floral print is the work of Rosemary Ballantyne. Rosemary loves quilting and sewing so this may end up being part of a patchwork.

Here's Rosemary printing up a storm.

Emily Banks experimented with geometric prints. She is quickly drying her prints here.

Emily's strong one colour print

and a 2-colour print.

Rebeca Crespin is proudly displaying (and rightfully so) her beautiful tea-towel design.

Mother and daughter team, Lisa Mattas and Kate Stacey, proved that they weren't just pretty faces.

How clever is Kate's bird design? This would look fantastic as a repeat. I enjoy designs that look great as a pattern from afar but then reveal a delightful "surprise" when you look closer.

Kate's randomly printed floral motifs on cotton create a lovely pattern, easily done with a small screen.

Organic print by Lisa based on sea anemones.

Lisa's ocean theme continues with these fish prints. It is a bit hard to see as they are white printed on white but they really look beautiful in reality.

Just one more workshop for this year (fully booked) and then I will need to focus on getting new work ready for our next trade show in February. A new class date has been listed on the website for March 2011. Please book directly on-line.

To view images from other classes, visit our Screen-Printing Class Designs page.


theoldboathouse said...

Great work looks like you all had lots of did the patient go? cheers Katherine

NessaKnits said...


Raine and Sage said...

Some great talent and prints there. I hope Zoe is okay too.

brismod said...

All the designs look great. The geometrics were very cool. x

Thea said...

Zoe is better, thanks for asking! She still has to wear the silly collar for another couple of weeks until stitches are safely removed.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I always really enjoy getting a glimpse of all the creativity that takes place at your workshops!

Helen said...

Hi Thea,
thanks for your recent comment on my blog! I love looking at other people's studios and it's great to see workshops, especially print ones. I've really had a great time doing my own workshops and the energy and excitement you get from eager and talented students is so rewarding, just a reminder that we are in great jobs even if it is a bit tiring at times! Your studios and classes look fab. x

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