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Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Special Project

I have some talented friends and Jay Dee Dearness is no exception.

Now freshly refurbished, these vintage armchairs originally belonged to her late great-grandmother.

At the time of her passing, the chairs were in
desperate need of TLC and Jay Dee, being the artistic soul that she is, decided to design a fabric especially to recover the chairs.

To help keep her grandmother's memory alive, the pattern was developed from a motif taken from the stain-glass windows of the grandmother's Queenslander home. The colour we printed was quite subtle but overall created a lovely effect and texture.

Jay Dee (on right) arrived at the Thea & Sami studio prepared with large screen, inks and fabric and with a knowledge of screen-printing because skilled labour is short around these parts.

Ready-set-go! I'm certain that Jay Dee must be proud to be the screen-printer as well as the designer of the fabric. You can read more about the project over at Jay Dee's blog.

We also printed the design on tea-towels. The white on natural linen looks so different, doesn't it?

Now, before you all start asking if we screen-print for other people, the answer is regrettably N-O because printing for Thea & Sami is keeping us busy enough!
However, I can recommend other fabric printers or teach you how to screen-print. Check out my website for available class dates.

Why print for Jay Dee? Well, if you must know, she has helped me out in my hour of (screen-printing) need in the past so called in the favour. Oh dear, I don't mean to make her sound like "the Godmother" as I am grateful for my sweet friends.

Jay Dee is an artist, printmaker and Brisbane gallery owner so you may like to visit her other blog too: Myrtle Street Gallery.


NessaKnits said...

Love the chairs and especially love that they were so personalised.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

How wonderful that these chairs are made even more special with personalized one-of-a-kind fabric. So nice of you to help with the project!

gaby@stilelemente said...

What a great project with such beautiful results :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Thea! It was lovely to have you being the 'helping hand' with getting these done - I really appreciated it xxoo Jay Dee

Sandrine said...

HOw wonderful of you Thea to have helped with that gorgeous and thoughtful project!These chairs will be treasured for way much longer now.x

julie said...

Really beautiful work Jay Dee, a gorgeous pattern. I enjoy seeing all of the amazing things you are doing. Best of luck to you.


ps. Thea - a quirky fact for you - Jay Dee and I studied at Uni together! Small world :)

Thea said...

It is a small world! Julie, you seem to know everybody I do. x

Kellie Collis said...

The fabric print looks lovely! Enjoy a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

Trish Goodfield said...

The textured look is wonderful. Perfect for that vintage of chair

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