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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

All Natural Cushion Inserts

At last! We have an all natural alternative to the less-than-desirable polyester cushion inserts. I hope you're excited because I am.

Corn fibre cushion photographed on "Fretwork" Hemp/Organic Cotton Fabric in Olive print.

The new 100% corn fibre cushions are now available from our on-line store and complement our all-natural hand-printed cushion covers. Both the inner filling and outer cover is made of the eco-friendly corn fibre.

If you purchase the cushion inserts together with any of our cushion covers, you will have them at a 25% discount - only $15 (AUD) each with free shipping within Australia.

Our Rouge Cottage Garden Organic Cotton/Hemp Cushion is filled with Corn Fibre insert.

I have looked for natural cushion alternatives before but found that previous options were quite expensive. Enter young entrepreneur Tristan Bauer who recognised a niche in the market and now operates Innergreen for corn fibre cushion fillings, toy fillings and natural corn wadding.

Innergreen Fire Video from Innergreen on Vimeo.

Some of the advantages of the corn fibre are: environmentally-friendly, non-allergenic, sustainable, biodegradable, flame retardant (see video) and washable. Stay tuned for my up-coming interview with Tristan and find out how he started his business.

Some of you must enjoy reading my blog and my ramblings as I now have 500 followers. This is cause for celebration so this week I will be putting together a nice prize for a blog giveaway.


julie said...

Those inserts look awesome! I looked into natural inserts and found one - I can't remember what it was made of but it was at least double the price.

designed to a T said...

Thea thanks for the info. I see you have them in a 45 x45 size. Does the manufacturer make them in any other sizes....Terese

Thea said...

Hi Terese, the manufacturer also makes the cushions in square sizes ranging from 40 x 40 cm right up to 65 x 65 cm. I hope that helps.

feedthedog said...

Hi Thea,

I've just got myself some of these too. A bit too puffy for my liking but LOVE how sustainable they are. The only thing I don't get is the plastic and metal zipper on the inserts .. sustainable? I think not. And why include it anyway? Though I must say I'm delighted that the zipper is there because it is very easy to pull out some of that puffy corn fibre and make it a bit flatter which is how I prefer it.

When you interview Tristan could you ask him about those zippers?

Was just about to blog about InnerGreen too but you've done a great job .. look forward to the interview.

Thea said...

HI Carmel, you make some valid points. I also thought that the cushions were a little over-stuffed so like that the zippers are there to adjust the filling to taste. I Have forwarded your comment to Tristan so he will need to address those issues. Will keep you posted.

feedthedog said...

Thanks Thea.
Interesting interview with him too.
And likewise have just added you to my blog list, don't know why I haven't done it sooner. There are a lot of people I should add ..

Leigha said...

Love! I cannot wait to check out your products. I would love to feature them on EcoSalon!


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