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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Table Runners

Finally! I have managed to list a few new sale items on the website in time for Christmas shopping.

These gorgeous table runners are discontinued hemp/organic cotton homewares and there is only one or two of each available so if you likey - be quick!

Hydrangea prints in Basil Green or Periwinkle.

Our ever-popular Marguerite design printed in black.

Fretwork table runners currently available in Red or Olive. Our beautiful linen table runners are also available for purchase here (but not on sale). Free shipping on all Aussie orders!

I regret that I won't be featuring a Friday Follower tomorrow. It's been a busy, busy week for me so I apologise if I haven't been visiting your blogs. In between sending out orders and looking for new studio space, we have had painters at home all week and tomorrow, I'm expecting an electrician to install some hanging lampshades so I can finally get some photographed. Boo to the couriers who squashed my beautiful new Hydrangea print lampshade yesterday!

I've been feeling quite overwhelmed and have finally accepted defeat in trying to get several months of Business Activity Statements sent off to the Australian Tax Office. I've been naughty and have been officially warned so have called in the troops (professional bookkeeper) to rescue me tomorrow. It will be a relief to get it all done so I can just concentrate on finalising my new fabric designs.

I can tell you that it isn't easy trying to run a small business. Do you seek professional help when you need to?


Anna Bartlett said...

Ah, a warning. I feel it helps to know that the person from the ATO that warned you will not be losing sleep tonight. So best you not do either. Well done for calling in the troops. Get designing love, you're going places!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Taxes and book keeping- the unpleasant part of running a business I agree!

LOVE those table runners. Just came from your shop and purchased the cool fish tea towel! (see my note to seller) It looks too nice to use so I might just display it in a prominent spot to show it off. :)

All the best with your business Thea!

Thea said...

You're right Anna but as I do seem to get moving under pressure, it will be a relief to catch up and then hopefully delegate future bookkeeping.

And thanks Elisa, I will get your order off to you shortly! x

brismod said...

You sound extra busy but you will feel so much better when you sort out your BAS. Your table runners in the red fretwork pattern look very festive. xx

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