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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Brisbane Craft Cafe

Brisbane craft lovers can now celebrate because The Crafters Nest has just opened at Wooloowin and will be offering a variety of craft and fine art classes for young and old.

The cafe is housed in a lovely old character building typically found in Brisbane's older suburbs.

The Crafter's Nest is the brainchild of keen crafter Tracey Donohoe pictured here.

The official opening was yesterday afternoon and Emma and I were there, after all there was free champagne :) We each received one of these adorable paper hand-bags for which you will find Tracey's project instructions for in the Handmade Living book.

Guests were enjoying the space of the upstairs craft room.

Lots of paper craft supplies.

More supplies for the avid crafter

as well as gorgeous hand-printed fabrics from the talented Thea & Sami. Hey, it's my blog, what do you expect me to say?

I especially love this room which houses vintage and hand-made hats by local milliner Christine (aka Maudie) who can also teach you how to design and create a hat of your own. Call Christine on 0423 869 064 for more information.

Christine's room is decorated with sweet bunting made from vintage lace and embroidered table cloths.

The craft cafe is located at 109a Adamson Street in Wooloowin. Call Tracey on 07 3262 7447.

To find out about upcoming art and craft classes, visit Tracey's Blog or on facebook at The Crafter's Nest.


Kerry said...

Yet another reason to want to move to Brisbane! It looks like a wonderful place to create :)

Tina said...

What a beautiful store, Thea! Even more so if it stocks your fabrics:) Thanks for sharing...I will have to pop this store onto mu 'must visit' list for our next trip to Brisbane ~ Tina xx

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Crafting is pretty cool and so multi-faceted! I hope they do really well.

I knew they were your fabrics! Beautiful! Love the self-promotion!

Exquisite Accessories said...

Ooh how exciting what a delightful place & much talent to come from there I am sure!! nice to see the Thea & Sami fabric has a lovely spot too!! :)

Natasha said...

Wow,thanks so much for posting about this place, it's around the corner from me! I can't wait to go and have look.

Best wishes and happy Valentine's day,

PS Your fabrics are gorgeous!

clare's craftroom said...

Oh yes it is all lovely and I do love the bunting , thanks for letting me know .

Tracey said...

That's such a great idea ... I'm going to have to get myself crafting! :)

Littlemissairgap said...

It's so nice to see this building being used for something interesting. Have my eye on a few other character shops I'd love to see rejuvenated.

whynotstreet said...

Thank you Thea for the beautiful pics of my Studio at the Crafter's Nest. Wonderful!

Christine(aka Maudie)

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