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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

More Linen Cushions

I'm back! Sydney was good but tiring and I'm only sorry that I didn't get to meet everybody that I wanted to.

Now, there is a lot of following up for me to do with new and existing customers and with updating the website.

It certainly doesn't help that my big kid (that's the husband) spent all week watching latin music videos on You Tube in my absence so that our internet has now been slowed down to a pace that is so painfully slow that I want to pull my hair out!
I have to wait 3 more days for the new account month to begin.

I have managed to list a couple more of the new linen cushions onto the website; "Dotty about Roses" and "Iron Flowers" both made from our European pre-shrunk linens.

The "French Stripes" cushions will follow shortly.

I must rush off now as we are carefully removing the staples from the canvas and felt cover off our yardage-printing table in preparation for it's move to the new studio. Hopefully, the team has already made a start this morning.


Claudia Lane said...

Thea these are beautiful fabrics.
Thanks for offering to send some swatches, I'd really love that but only if it's easy - the last thing I want is to worry you.
my email is

Kylie said...

Glad you're back safely Thea :) That rose print is just fabulous! I love how you've done that. Kx

Anonymous said...

Nothing more frustrating than a slow internet...
wishing a speedy 3 days til full internet speed
glad Sydney went well,
take care xx

A-M said...

Gorgeous fabrics... just heavenly. A-M xx

Tracey said...

Waiting 3 more days for the internet to click over ... oh my goodness, you have my sympathies. I just can't handle slow / no internet.

I hope the time goes by quickly! :)

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