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Sunday, 27 March 2011

It's A Jungle Out There

This is the sorry state of my back yard. It's a jungle!

Zoe the dog doesn't seem to mind but I am fearful of snakes. I tolerate the possums, bats, goannas, spiders and bush turkeys that I have seen on the premises but I am one big chicken when it comes to snakes. I will probably want to move the day I see one.

I never did show you the cubby house after it was painted and the swings were replaced. It really was a wreck before. My kids have complained that they wish they had this when they were younger but then so do I.

Among the jungle, I spot this pleasant surprise; Birds of Paradise are my favourite tropical flowers. I can certainly vouch for their 'no-maintenance needed' because they are getting none from me.

The ride on mower needs a ride on operator asap. Hurry up and get well Voyt because you are needed at home! I think you've had enough of a hospital break.

I hope you all have a lovely day. I'm off to the studio to work on my piece for The Reincarnated Kimono Project. And speaking of the studio, please save the date for Saturday, 30th April for the official opening of our studio and studio shop!


theoldboathouse said...

It has a real beauty in its wildness though don't you think? But I sooo agree on the snakes..aargh. Get better Voyt!! cheers Katherine

Felicity said...

Oh the slitherin how I detest them!
I can't believe that Voyt is still in hospital, I hope he's home soon & not just to mow!

xx Felicity

And So I Whisper said...

OMG! your hubby still at the hospital? sorry to hear. It has been a long time. Hope he gets better and home soon.

Thea said...

No, he's been out since his January stay. The current vacation is from Friday night, just over a week ago when the infection came back with a vengeance.

Jenny said...

Thea, I hope your husbands leg heals soon. Snakes like long grass!!! We have been in the garden most of the weekend trying to get ours under control. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If I was living near you I would jump on that mower and go for it. I love getting stuck into the garden :)

Tracey said...

At least your yard is looking wonderful and green! :)
Mine is a little jungle-ish at the moment too ... I wish the grass would mow itself sometimes! ;)

How exciting you have a date for the studio opening - it's going to be a great day! :)

le@thirdontheright said...

wow - what a great wilderness you have !! sorry to here your beloved is not fit and able as yet .. what a long haul. So thinking of you for the 30th - I'll put the word around my bris vegas mates - le xox

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