Monday, 25 April 2011

Local Press

There was a little story about me and our fabrics in Saturday's Courier Mail. Ironically, my husband, son and I had all flicked through the newspaper while having breakfast and didn't notice it and you probably didn't either unless you were looking for business opportunities. It was on page 83 and I only found out about it when Debbie emailed me.

I guess any publicity is good publicity although it would be nice if journalists let you know when something will be published. This story was initiated 9 months ago!

Anyway, if you are interested, you can read the article on-line. Personally, I don't enjoy having cameras in my face so I was pleased that they used a file portrait photo, thanks to the fact that the assigned photographer and I couldn't find time to meet up. He did take a great photo of our Hydrangea printed fabric (above) though.

I hope you are having a nice break. I know I am although we definitely overate yesterday at my parents' place. My Greek mum is just too good a cook!


brismod said...

Oh well done on the mention! xx

Hot Fudge said...

Well, I for one noticed it and was suitably impressed - well done Thea. We also overdid the feasting today with our family. The diet starts tomorrow.

Sandrine said...

hi Thea the article photo is just stunning!Lovely to see your business feature.Hope your Easter weekend was relaxing too :)
Sandrine x

Tiff said...

Congrats on the story, that fabric looks so lovely! X

Claudia Lane said...

Lovely fabric, am so happy for you and your business Thea :)) Have a great week xo

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