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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blogger Lost Posts

How frustrating for those of us who use Blogger! As many of you know, Blogger was unavailable yesterday and had "temporarily" removed some posts in order to work on the problem.

Blogger is back on-line but I am still missing my last post about the vintage lamps so I'm not sure whether I should try to redo it? According to Blogger's Twitter page, they are still trying to restore missing posts.

Has anybody lost more than one post?


Make mine Mid-Century said...


I've lost comments. I think the loss relates to posts and comments 'posted' after a certain time yesterday.

I've never been very impressed by blogger. It's scary to think how much we rely on it to get things right.

I hope you post returns. I liked that lamp and the retro chair!

Thea said...

Hi Carmel, it is scarey depending on an outside service. If the post doesn't return it, I will redo it. Luckily I have all the photos saved.

Tiff said...

Thea, it is so annoying!!!! I have lost comments and followers from the last few days! I saw your vintage lamp post and wanted to comment but my comments haven't worked either. Those lamps look amazing and if you don't get your post back, maybe you could share the pictures because they were fantastic. I hope blogger gets it sorted soon! X

Brenda said...

I lost comments, not posts, and I'm still hving trouble uploading things.

Your new lamps are stunning. Good luck with the photo shoot next week.

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