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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Care Labels for Gift Wrapping

I hope you all had a lovely day today. The family did enjoy lunch at the Greek Club so I recommend it for sure.

My mum received two of our Cottage Garden organic cushions complete with corn fibre inserts. I wanted to tie them together with ribbon but didn't have any in the traditional sense.

Then I remembered that I have various rolls of care tags that I no longer need since the arrival of new product labels this week, complete with linen care instructions on the back.
The above new labels are from 'Bags and Tags'.

Well you know how much I love to reuse and repurpose so don't be surprised if you receive my parcels wrapped with these 'ribbons'. They're quite strong too.

I did manage to part with one of my lovely gift tags from MrsTiff too.

Is there anything just sitting in your cupboard that you could use as gift-wrapping?


A Christy Production said...

What a great idea! I often use string to giftwrap.. but that's not as cool as your 'ribbon'!!

julie said...

I love the care label ribbon! Very cool Thea. x

Tiff said...

I love that ribbon! It looks perfect on that gift! I am so glad you are finding a use for your tags too! That present looks so gorgeous! X

Tracey said...

I love coming up with clever gift wrapping ideas ... but I see you've got me beat with these! :)

le@thirdontheright said...

that is so cute = what a great idea !! le xox

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