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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Solar Energy Time

With rising energy bills, the Samios clan has been installing solar panels in our homes. Solar panels are now an affordable option for Australian households looking to reduce their power bills and generate their own clean electricity. June is the month to do so with current Federal rebates set to be reduced by 40% after June 30.

There are plenty of deals right now and locally in Brisbane, Rjay Electrical is a family-owned business who choose to use Blue Sun solar panels for their high quality equipment. The panels are designed in Australia to withstand the Queensland sun and have a 25 Year output warranty.

Skilled installers will work out the best system for your needs and are all Clean Energy Council Certified. I won't bore you with numbers but most households can expect to save $1200 per year for an average sized residential system as electricity companies buy back the extra power you produce at a subsidised rate.

If this is something you have been looking at, you can contact Val Cassimatis (my eco-conscious son) at val[at] for further information and to arrange installation. I'm proud of what he is doing and a mother needs to keep her child employed and out of trouble, right?

Meanwhile, I'm still in Melbourne and wishing I had little solar panels on my coat to keep me extra warm. It's chilly here today.

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