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Friday, 22 July 2011

Found! The Elusive Mollie

Most of you have heard about Mollie Makes, just the cutest craft magazine by now but hasn't it be hard to source down under? My local newsagent at Capalaba was listed as one of the stockists on the website but I'm still waiting for it... a month later.

But... yesterday I popped into Mag Nation here in Melbourne and couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a few copies of Issue 1 (yes, we're quite behind) on display.

The magazine does not disappoint with its sweet crafty goodness. So Melbournians, run on down to Mag Nation and grab a copy! I am going to apply to stock the magazine in our studio shop so fingers crossed.

This is the cute phone cover that you can make from the kit included in Issue 1. I think that I will do so for one of my young nieces. They're only 9 & 11 and both have i-phones. Yes, I know.

You can like Mollie Makes over at their facebook page and in case you haven't seen it, this is possibly the cutest craft video ever made!

Speaking of craft, I'm heading over to Design:Made:Trade today which I'm sure will be awesome. It looks like the sun is making an appearance so today may just be a little warmer...


Stylish Settings said...

Hi Thea
I saw it yesterday at the newsagent next to Woolworths at Manly on Mayfair in Manly West. Just in case you're looking for it next month.

Thea said...

Thanks for the heads up Kylie! My newsagent has driven me crazy saying that they were still chasing it up.

naughtyshorts! said...

Ha ha - that is so naughty those ladies all flash their knickers!!

Anna Bartlett said...

I hope you bought issue 1 - I think it's a collector's item already! Maybe you can rent yours out when you get back. I'll be on the list!

Naturally Carol said...

I am so fascinated by bicycle blogfriend Dorien makes them Just Do. I haven't seen them in Australia at all.

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hi Thea hope you are well & enjoying Melbourne that mag looks great I might have to do an order with you if you stock, them would love to flick through the pages.
Have a lovely weekend Lainey x

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