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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Same but Different

I just posted off some printed fabric samples to an American accessories designer. She liked our designs and wanted to see the lighter colours printed on natural linen as well as white.

Admittedly, I did not think that the light blue would work on the darker linen but I do believe it does. I liked the samples so printed it again in our "French Stripes" design. I'm thinking table runners and cushions. Very French Coastal, don't you think?

The same blue heaven shade looks very different again when printed on our (off white) linen tea-towels.

I think I will have to make the colour lighter and bluer as it has turned out a little greener on the new and whiter linen fabric. This is why we spend so much time sampling; mixing and testing ink colours and wait until they dry as again, they change once they do.

Next week, when I'm back in the studio, I will be mixing up navy blue, pinks and greens to work on the white linens for fresh Spring colourways.

I probably forgot to mention that the studio shop is closed this weekend. I hope this doesn't inconvenience anybody. From next week onwards, we will be open Fridays and Saturdays so I hope you pop in and visit!


Squeezed Daily said...

Yes, the blue does look good, it's amazing how colours change depending on what you put next to it.

Naturally Carol said...

I agree the blue does look so much greener on the white and more aqua on the darker linen. It does look good on the darker linen.

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