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Monday, 15 August 2011

Drunken Admirals & Thrifty Finds

Fashion revolves and if you wait long enough, you may find your possessions to be back in mode.

Luckily I have held on to this mesh bag given to me as a teenager. I wore it with my outfit on Saturday evening and have since noticed modern versions in stores everywhere.

I do like to have things that are different to the masses so was pleased to pick up this leather briefcase at the garage sale, mentioned in my previous post, for just $10. It's just worn enough to have character but is in otherwise excellent condition inside and out.

I'm always looking out for pretty vintage tableware for morning teas. I found 6 of these for $2 each.

Today, we wondered a little around Hobart as much as the husband's leg allowed us to. I found out that residents of Hobart are called "Hobartians". I did not know this interesting tidbit until today.

We spotted this restaurant on the wharf this morning and will be checking it out tonight since we both love seafood and my husband was attracted to its name "The Drunken Admiral Seafarer's Restaurant". I don't know why; draw your own conclusions.

Note: after dining, we can report that the restaurant is excellent with fresh seafood and a great salad bar to complement your main meal. The atmosphere is fun too with lots of interesting sea-faring decor to look at.

These are the lovely old buildings along Salamanca Place that house art galleries and cafes. I'm sure it's really happening here on Saturdays when the famous Salamanca Market is on. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to visit on another trip.

All images are taken by me except for restaurant one that is courtesy of here.


Calico Child said...

Love the briefcase Thea what a bargain & cute plates too, my mum just sent me all her Royal doulton country rose tea set It's just gorgeous :)
Hope you had a good meal in the pub this evening x

Bayside Rose said...

Love your finds and Hobart sounds lie an amazing place! Pam x

Bayside Rose said...

oops lie should be 'like' x

Tiffany said...

$10 for the leather bag! not bad!

Anna Bartlett said...

Sounds like a great holiday! Enjoy and recharge.

lamina@do a bit said...

Love that mesh bag!!! I'm waiting for some of my old things to come back into fashion... that's one good thing about being a horder and a bit older :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh glow mesh, my grandmother gave my sister a purse as she was so excited it was back in fashion (when she was a teen too) from Oroton. I wonder if she still has it??
Oh made mention of you on my blog post today, about the Brisbane French Festival, which was fantastic, thanks for the tip!! Love Posie

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